Experiences for all senses

Vibrant Toggenburg culture

The Toggenburg region is characterised by an authentic indigenous musical tradition and culture. This tradition can be experienced within the context of the «Toggenburg Sound World». In addition, the Toggenburg region also has a rich heritage of craftsmanship, agriculture and religious reformation.

The Sound Path

An easy hike with several sections, running from the Alp Sellamatt to Wildhaus, offering 27 sound installations along the way, where you can experience, discover, and create your own sounds and music. 

The sound forge

The «Klangschmiede» is both a smithy for bells, as well as a museum for experiencing and experimenting with sounds. It offers a Toggenburg house organ, a string couch and a mighty, rushing water wheel. 

The Sound Festival 2021

In 2021, for the 9th time, exceptional natural voices from all over the world will meet with Swiss yodelers, combining exotic with local sounds in the universal language of song.


This house in the Lisighus district of Wildhaus was built in the mid-15th century by the grandfather of the famous Swiss religious reformer Huldrych Zwingli. The basic structure has been preserved to the present day and numerous remarkable details can be discovered inside, such as the late-Gothic carved ceiling of the living room, an open fireplace in the kitchen or the original offertory from the Grossmünster in Zurich.

Toggenburg Museum

The Toggenburg Museum in Lichtensteig illustrates the history and pre-history of the Toggenburg region, its crafts, its economic and domestic culture, its weapons, musical instruments, traditional costumes, and folk art.

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