Bourbon & Blues in the Mountains


Even in beautiful Toggenburg you can get the blues – only here we call it «Choller».
And then you may need a really good whiskey or a fine Chrüter schnapps!
We combine the whole thing with wonderful live blues sessions - 
welcome to our "CHRÜTER & CHOLLER all Bourbon Bluesbar"!



Like the blues, bourbon is part of the American soul. It is a symbol of the search for happiness and the infinite urge for freedom. Bourbon also stands for tradition and for the time when the first European settlers used their knowledge to distill corn-based spirits. Bourbon brought progress and was regarded as a valid means of payment and a profitable trading commodity. Departures and new arrivals, wealth and the constant struggle to obtain it – all were toasted with Bourbon. Bourbon made the American West the "Wild West" – Bourbon has its own life, its own soul, and its own pride.



The blues, with its musical origin in the Afro-American society of the 19th and 20th centuries, is a basic mood, an attitude towards life, inherent in all human beings. The blues tells stories. Sad stories, funny stories. It speaks of the abandoned, of those who are longing, of the disadvantaged, but also of lovers, of friends, of happiness, and last but not least of drinking. Sometimes it is melancholic, sometimes it is ironically cheerful.


Don't feel like sitting still? Then why not try your skills on our skittle alleys, billiards table or darts board.

Whether you're an ambitious tournament or hobby player, in a group or solo, bowling is fun and healthy too. A large part of the muscular system is moved during the game and injuries are rare. You focus and concentrate and leave the stress of the day behind. Billiards and darts also offer fun challenges, promote concentration and provide healthy exercise.

The skittles alley costs only CHF 22 per hour and lane, the billiard table CHF 16 per hour.