Regeneration for body and soul


Classical Massages 

  • Full body massage CHF 95.- / 60 minutes 
  • Partial body massage CHF 55.- / 30 minutes
  • Neck massage CHF 55.- / 30 minutes
  • Foot reflex zone massage CHF 95.- / 60 minutes
  • Steam massage for face, neck, and throat CHF 60.- / 30 minutes
  • Aroma full body massage CHF 95.- / 60 minutes
  • Full body massage with hot stones CHF145.- / 90 minutes


Special massages

  • Singing bowl and tuning fork massage – on request
    Christine Grimm, sound and massage therapist from California «tunes» your nervous system like a musical instrument with selected singing bowls and BioSonics tuning forks. You will experience a state of deep balance and your self-healing powers will be activated. The wonderful vibrations loosen blockages and bring your frequencies back into harmony. You will feel more grounded, more balanced and more in harmony with your self and the world around you.
    Full body massage CHF 120.- / 60 minutes 
  • Singing bowl and tuning fork massage with aroma oil relaxation massage – on request
    Singing bowl and tuning fork massage combined with a relaxing massage, soothing and softening your skin with aromatic oils.
    Neck and back massage CHF 120.- / 60 minutes 
    Full body massage CHF 150.- / 90 minutes 
  • Access bars massage
    Would you like to experience more ease and joy in your life? An access bar massage is the first step in this direction: 
    CHF 130.- / 90 minutes 
  • Access-Face and Bodylifting
    One of the most dynamic body treatments of Access, bringing not only a glow to your face but also slowing down the aging process of your body:
    CHF 100.- / 60 minutes.            


For questions and reservations please do not hesitate to contact us at +41 71 998 54 54 or info(at)hirschen-wildhaus(dot)ch.