Getting your day off to a good start 

The Hirschen Breakfast

Everything our grandma Grosi Walt served her guests, came from here, was healthy and natural.
And we still do it that way today: at Hotel Hirschen you will enjoy fresh, high-quality products from the Toggenburg region. 

Grosi Walt also taught us how important it is to start the day with a good and healty breakfast.
So before you climb the Churfirsten or start your seminar day, we offer you an enjoyable selection of regional meat and sausage products, cheese from the Stofel cheese dairy, homemade Birchermüesli with crunch, fresh fruit, homemade jams and preserves, fresh bread from the local bakery... and of course a good cup of coffee or tea to wake you up!


What our grandma Grosi Walt offered her guests, came from this region, was natural and healthy. In her day breakfast was the most important meal of the day - for guests, tourists, and hikers as well as for the people who lived here and needed to prepare themselves for a day of hard work. Today it is scientifically proven what grandma already knew: A healthy breakfast provides strength and is the ideal start for a good and happy day.

At Hotel Hirschen you can enjoy milk, cheese, and dairy products from the region, natural tea from the Swiss company «Morga», jams and preserves homemade according to grandma's recipes, Swiss free-range eggs, various meat and sausage specialities from the Toggenburg region, and many other delicacies from Wildhaus and the surrounding area.


Grandma Grosi Walt got her milk, dairy products, and cheese from local farmers. Today we still procure our milk products from the local dairy Stofel, which manufactures exceptional quality products from the milk of cows, sheep, and goats. The milk comes from the organic mountain farmers of Obertoggenburg, whose animals spend the summer grazing on lush mountain meadows.



Here as well grandma Grosi Walt set the culinary bar very high and so we still get our meat and sausage products from the long-established butcher's shop «Metzger». Their Toggenburg sausage and cold cut specialties are manufactured in-house since 1932. The venison meat loaf and the oven-baked ham are produced for our restaurant according to grandma Walt's original recipe. And, of course, the meat comes almost exclusively from Toggenburg animals.


In grandma Walt's day practically all foods available were natural and healthy. In order to offer you the same quality today, we purchase cornflakes, muesli, dried fruit, nuts, and many other products from the Toggenburg company «Morga». This company has been making healthy and natural foods for over 80 years and, as a Fairtrade-certified partner, obtains their source products from certified suppliers whenever reasonably possible.